In the middle of this year

May, 2023

Deacons from the Achuar Community Church in the workshop about "how to get the most out of the Bible with digital tools"

David & Anita Luzuriaga
Missionaries in Ecuador

Dear brothers and friends: It is always a blessing to share with you what God is teaching us day by day through our service in this beautiful country. We have experienced, as the Psalmist said, the grace and goodness of God even in the midst of trials.

Psalm 27:13 I think I will see the goodness of Jehovah in the land of the living!

Anita's health. Thanks to God.

Anita is recovering very well. In recent weeks, the neurologist has performed some neurological tests to see how her mental speed and motor coordination are going. He gave us the good news that Anita is 90% recovered. She continues with daily medication to prevent the formation of new clots and medication for insomnia, which is one of the consequences that still afflicts her. She continues to recover and get stronger day by day. Thank you, everyone, for your prayers at this time.

Mission on Board. The boat is "El Evangelista"

Teaching how to study the Bible, now with digital tools. During the month of April, David participated in the "Mission on Board 2023" project, aboard the "El Evangelista" boat. He taught about missions and shared the Gospel in different communities in the Peruvian jungle. Thanks to the "Laptop Project", we began training on "How to get the most out of the Word", now with digital tools. The leaders of the "Achuar Community" (Ecuadorian Amazon) together with other leaders of the Right Hand Church of God in Puyo, were the first to access these new study tools.

Our Children

Thank God, Ethan is finishing his senior year at Word of Life Bible Institute. He was accepted into Moody Bible Institute, and on August 14 of this year he should be there to begin his studies in "Worship and Multimedia Ministries." God provided all the financial resources to cover his first year at Moody. We pray that the Lord will provide, no later than this month of May, the sum of $3,900 (USD dollars) that remains to be paid to Word of Life. We know that God will provide. If you would like to make a contribution to help Ethan to accomplish this, you can enter here.

Ethan is serving at Word of Life, NY bible youth camps.

Thank God our daughter Tiare returned safely from her mission trip to France. She had the opportunity to share the Gospel in different cities, serve in worship, and perform other tasks with Parole de Vie France. She is excited to know that she will be coming home May 11-30 to be with Anita for her birthday. God is good! If you would like to contact Tiare and learn more about her ministry at Parole de Vie Quebec, you can access it here.

Tiare´s team to serve in France.